Привет, мир!

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The Victiry Day!!!

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Happy VICTORY DAY!!!Алая роза

Lemon cola becomes holy water in baptism

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OSLO - A Norwegian church used lemon-flavored cola instead of water in a baptism ceremony after its taps were temporarily turned off because of freezing temperatures, daily Vaart Land said Tuesday.
Priest Paal Dale from the town of Stord, about 150 miles west of the capital Oslo, improvised during a recent cold-spell by dabbing the lemon fizzy water on a baby during a baptism ceremony, it said.
"It had gone flat," Dale was quoted as saying by the newspaper. "Only the lemon smell made this unusual."
Dale said the child’s family were informed about the switch only after the ceremony because the priest "had a need to inform" them about the lingering lemon scent.
"They didn’t say much, but I assumed they smelled the aroma as well," Dale told Vaart Land.


—-  I thought it is matter what they use LEMON-COLA or HOLY WATER Удивленная рожица

Comet Lulin

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I took these photos of Lulin on Tuesday night. An amazing show!


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That is the question!

Snow. Weekend.

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